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In addition to selling instruments and bows, and doing repairs and restorations, we also stock a comprehensive range of accessories and fittings for the violin family.

New variations on these appear all the time, and although these innovations are not necessarily a great improvement on what was there before, some definitely are. Before buying something on a whim, or on well-meaning advice from another player, it is a good idea to look around at what might be available.

Among the accessories we sell are the following:

Violin Strings

Pirastro (Eudoxa, Gold, Oliv, Passione, Wondertone, Pirazzi, Obligato, Synoxa, Tonica and Chromcor), Kaplan D’Addario (Golden Spiral, Zyex, Helicore and Prelude), Thomastik (Dominant, Spirocore, Vision and Infeld), Larsen (Tzigane, Virtuoso and Crown), Jargar, Prim and Innovation.
Shoulder Rests;
Everest, Fom, Max, Wolf, Kun, Viva, Strad pad, Playonair and Bonmusica.


Hidersine, AB, Clarity, Gustav Bernadel, Hill, Jade, Kaplan Artcraft, Nyman, Dominant, Cecilia, Larsen, Larica, Kolstein, Pirastro (Cellisto, Eudoxa, Gold, Goldflex, Obligato, Oliv-evah, Schwartz, Piranito), Petz and Pops.

Cello Floor Protectors

Black Hole, Wooden T-bar, Stoppin, Wolf Super, Xeros, Viva and Cello and bass spike rubbers.


Tourte and Tourte Copies, Roth Sihon, Ebony Trident, Ultra Practice mutes, Tonewolf, Bech Magnetic Mutes, Hefitz and Fom metal mutes.


Wittner, tuning forks (Johnny Walker), Pitch pipes, Snarks, Qwiktune, Seiko and Intelli.

Chin Rests

Teka, Stradivari, Dresden, Flesch central, Paganini Central, Berber, Wolf, Wittner, Guarneri, Morawetz, Vermeer, Schmidt, Hill and chin rest barrels.

Cleaners, Polishes and Peg Preparations

Hidersol, Pirastro, Hofner, Super Nicko, Hill, Beare & Son, Gotz, Hiderpaste and Hill Peg Composition.

General Accessories

We sell a range of tailpieces, adjusters, humidifiers, music stands and lights, cello wolf note eliminators, violin display stands, bow masters, amplification (KNA, Fishman, Misi Headway, and Baggs etc.) and metronomes.


We sell an extensive range of Violin cases, from £50 up to around £500. We also sell a range of Viola cases, from £60 up to around £400. The brands of Violin and Viola cases that we sell include Hidersine, Primavera, Gewa, Hiscox, Tom & Will, Stentor, Pedi, Negri, Bam, Polycarbonate and Young. We sell a range of Cello cases, both soft, semi-rigid and hard, from £55 up to over £1000. The brands include Hidersine, Tom & Will, Primavera, Hiscox, Sinfonica, Polycarbonate, Gewa, Bam, K2 and K3.